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Post Christmas and Being Green

First off, we're hoping everyone has had an amazing holiday so far. Wishing you a wonderful last week of 2022 as well. Today's post is focused on how we end the year well. When it comes to living a green lifestyle, it comes down to lots of little things that add up to make a big impact by the end of the year. In other words, all of your small efforts count! #yay

A primary reason many people don't lower their carbon footprint or reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions impact on a daily basis is because they just don't feel like they're making a difference. The problem in front of us though, from an environmental perspective (regarding global warming) is daunting. It's easier to say, "It's all just too big, so I'll do nothing."

But the refreshing point of view on this might be to relate to it all differently. Instead, we could ask, "What if everyone does a few smaller things?" Like putting your food waste into a clear biodegradable bag in your green bin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What if everyone donates items instead of just throwing them away--or buys only what they need instead of over-consuming? Have you thought of giving gifts focused on experiences (like cooking lessons or a membership to a zoo or a museum) in the coming year?

What if people reuse or repurpose items instead of buying brand new? What if we all shop locally instead of ordering everything online? What if we grow some of our own produce and fruits to see the lifecycles before we eat the rainbow (we have two chickens who give back daily--and we love them so much)?

What if we use less water on a daily basis because it develops a pattern of mindfulness in our daily habits that changes the way we see excess and waste (brushing our teeth, showering, and washing household items)? What if we put new fabric on that old sofa instead of buying a new one--the catalogs make it all look so trendy, but we can go for a similar upcycled look, right?

What if when donating our gently used items, we try giving some of the stuff away on our own cul-de-sac or street first to see if someone right around us could use any of the item(s)? What if we share extra food in the coming year, when we make a bustling pot of stew or have extra fixings for tacos? It feels weird to knock on our neighbor's door or to text about food, but it might bless them--and the food wouldn't get wasted. Of course, you can reuse it during the week as well, but this post is about rethinking our habits.

For you, it might be totally different, like bringing your own #reusable bags to the grocery store or supporting a local farmer's market on a regular basis--but whatever small contributions you can think about for the upcoming year, the planet thanks you. And we do as well. #gogreen #environmentalism #planetearth #sustainability #globalwarming #newyearnewyou #NewYears #2023 #newyear #greenidealabs

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