About Our Business

A southern California nonprofit environmental group.

Our mission: 

To educate and assist schools, cities, and companies in reducing their carbon footprint for an emerging green environment.

Plastic Polluted Ocean

At green idea labs, we understand that change is not always easy. But now more than ever, it's trendy to go green. Our goal in today's emerging environmental market is to educate companies, schools, and cities of all sizes, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. Industry transitions are a part of staying competitive and relevant. Our goal as a nonprofit is to help you keep your customers happy and grow your business or organization while protecting the environment. Our founder: Dianne Bright, and her team of consultants are ready to help you develop environmental strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in today's growing eco-economy. Give us a call today to discuss suggested donation rates and to set up a phone or video consultation.