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A few extra steps...

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Picture yourself finishing a tasty bowl from your favorite Mexican fusion food truck. You're eating on a nearby bench, socially distanced of course--and you notice there's not a recycling can in sight. So, the easiest thing would be to dispose of your plastic-ware in the landfill bin a few feet away. But... that voice in the back of your head tells you to take it home and recycle it in your blue bin instead (one more step and maybe even messy, but worth it).

The next scenario is one where you're sorting your trash at home, realizing you have so many food storage bags, produce bags, and wraps from meats and cheeses or those puffy packing materials that come with your packages. The easiest thing would be to toss it all in your recycling bin (turning a blind eye), but you've been seeing and hearing how you need to go to a special store-drop-off location for those materials. That voice is back, saying--sort it separately--you can take it by the store-drop-off spot later. Learn exactly which plastics need to be sorted separately.

Sometimes, it's not easy to take the few extra steps required to be even greener than you already are. But, imagine if we could all take those few extra steps! We'll be helping our planet for future generations to come.

Written by GIL founder: Dianne Bright

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