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A southern California environmental influencer. Let's #gogreen together.


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To influence schools, cities, and companies in reducing their carbon footprint. And anyone else reading this.


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*We are working on our 501(c) non-profit corporation status.

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We are still looking for a few board members. Please email us if you are interested in being considered. Include your contact info, recent professional experiences, and why you think you would be a smart fit.

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Dianne is an author and regular contributor with Reader's Digest and their sister publication: The Healthy. She has written for a number of other publications including Scholastic's Parent & Child. Her recent article topics include plastics, the dwindling honeybee population, eco-friendly products, and the proper disposal of masks and gloves during COVID. While her M.A. and doctoral studies are in linguistics and literature, her passion for the ocean, her family, and faith have served as a catalyst for influencing others to care for the environment. Her core strengths are in researching, marketing ideas, and connecting people with similar interests.

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A professional diver since 1994, Cristina is an active shark behaviorist, passionate underwater cave explorer, a champion for ocean conservation, underwater photographer, speaker and writer. Cristina’s work can be summarized in her three favorite words: Exploration, Education, Conservation. A member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and The Explorers Club, she is a firm believer in the power of education and spends her time teaching below and above the water. In 2019 she founded the nonprofit People of the Water, organized to widen the conduction and distribution of training, education, research and studies related to water, ocean and environmental issues.