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Green links from our community + clean products

Whether you consult with our organization or just grab some useful tips and links, we're grateful you stopped by.

Cal Recycle

Learn about where to recycle, mandatory commercial recycling, and how to close the loop.


San Diego Environmental Services

Get in the know about green waste recycling, such as acceptable yard trimmings and wood. Learn more about the landfill and other recycling programs.

Green Waste Recycling

EWG's California Team

Meet EWG's California Team. Learn about key environmental issues, product research, and consumer guides--along with how they are lobbying for legislative changes. From foods to sunscreens, EWG has got you covered.

Sky Full of Light

Cora Ball

Protecting our oceans and your clothes and fabrics--whether you're running out of a smaller home business or a larger commercial site, this is something great to consider.

Loading the Washing Machine

Riverside, CA Trash & Recycling

It's not always obvious what can be recycled. Check out this list, and get some quick tips, like rinsing containers first to prevent rodent and odor problems.

Garbage Dump Recycling Service

Environment California

Take action for a greener, healthier California. From tips for dealing with a heat wave to the top colleges for renewable energy, they've got you covered.

Golden Gate Bridge

Water Education Foundation

Located in Sacramento, this group offers info about a variety of environmental organizations involved in water issues.



The California Environmental Protection Agency is involved with grassroots efforts to fight pollution from the ground up. Don't miss their news and updates.

Air Pressure

Three Main

These guys are making a difference. Their motto is "Refill, Reuse, Clean." Their products are tough on bacteria and viruses without using harsh chemicals. As they say, "Ditch the chemicals for clean green goodness." Also, their refillable aluminum bottles are reusable and made in the USA. Let's keep plastics out of our oceans together.


Sky Organics

Sky Organics is committed to their values: simply formulating their products in small batches, working with farmers to responsibly source high quality ingredients, and most importantly - making clean and organic products truly accessible to everyone.

Green Slime


Federal agency customers are required to buy environmentally sustainable products. GSA helps customer agencies meet sustainable acquisition requirements by offering federal agencies thousands of “green” products.

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Windmills on green field


Lume is made from naturally-derived ingredients and is also aluminum-free, baking soda-free, and cruelty-free. That means you can feel confident using it on sensitive skin. And it’s clinically-proven to control odor—anywhere on the body—for up to 72 hours. As they say, it's more of a pre-odorant than a de-odorant. Or both!

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Handmade Soap
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